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from small teams to big change.

Sparkboard helps large, unwieldy crowds self-organize into small, focused teams.

We believe that small teams are the primary unit of change in society today, that the best teams are usually interdisciplinary, and that healthy teams need the support of a community to form and grow.

The general flow looks something like this:

  1. An organizer attracts a community of people around a common purpose.
  2. Participants share project ideas, and ask for help. More people join the community as the best ideas gain momentum.
  3. Small teams self-organize around the best ideas. Participants collaborate, and teams help each other out.


Startup Weekend Toronto

Startup Weekend Toronto is part of a global network of grassroots events for entrepreneurs, where participants get together to pitch, build and launch their startups in just 54 hours. Their upcoming event has a maker focus, and is taking place from November 22-24 as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event is presented by Ontario Centres for Excellence and hosted by OCAD U.

Attendees are using Sparkboard to network and share their pitch ideas ahead of time, and it's providing the organizers with a helpful overview of the kinds of things people will be building!

Hacking Health

Hacking Health brings doctors, nurses, and other health professionals together with designers, programmers, and other technologists to prototype healthcare solutions in fast-paced, interdisciplinary hackathons.

With hundreds of participants at each event, Sparkboard helps organizers know who is coming to the event, which ideas teams are working on, and who needs help.

Most important, it helps participants form teams that bridge the gap between medicine and technology.


ÉcoHack Montréal is a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary hacking community focused on urban sustainability, bringing together developers, designers, members of NGOs and community groups, municipal employees, students, and citizens to collaborate on projects to transform Montréal.

Sparkboard serves as a digital hub for écoHackMTL, allowing members to connect with each other and showcase the work of each team to the community at large. It's also easy for mentors to jump in and help with projects that need attention.

We're currently testing Sparkboard with a few early adopter communities. Want to join?

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