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Manifesto (a living document)

from small teams to big change

We believe -

that small teams are the primary unit of change in society.

that who you work with is the most important decision you make in the early life of a new project.

that most successful teams are interdisciplinary.

that you can't plan or predict success exactly, but you can create a context in which it is more likely to occur.

that real-world, physical interaction is usually a good thing.

that working together in small groups on real challenges is a powerful way to learn, to educate oneself.

that the role of a community organizer is to attract the right people, supply a supportive context, and then get out of the way.

that powerful elements of community are difficult to measure—there is art and humanity in what we do.

that an organizer's job is not to shield teams from reality, but to offer encouragement and support, so that everyone may confront reality more boldly and honestly.

Keep going.